Random thoughts

If I were an actor I’d like to be in the action films. Something like a spy or a martial artist. Save the world with crazy gadget and epic battles. Be the un-named hero.

  That honestly sounds like total fun . I wonder what  would it be like on set ,with the cameras and the make-up crew and awesome costume designs ?

    It’s hilarious that I’m fifteen and I still have silly fantasies like this.  it’s crazy but if I had a superhero name It would be ” shadow” mainly because people think I’m really quite and I keep to myself. When in fact I’m just day dreaming about what my life. would be like if I was a magazine journalist or a NCIS agent with Jethro Gibbs.

 Wow every time I reread this I think” I sound completely insane to post this on a blog. I only act silly around people I’m really comfortably with. Since I can’t physically see who is reading this I’m find . The fact that I think like this says a lot about my personality . #LOLiminsane

Well that’s the end of my fantasy .

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