Dear Journal 11/22/2015 The Side Effect

Dear Journal

For the past two weeks I have been completely busy packing out and getting ready to move for the fourth time. In the past five (almost six) years I have had to move from house to house , country to country. In one of my post I wrote about where I have been and what it is like being a military homeschooled traveler

To be honest though, the reality of the past five years have been one crazy roller coaster. And every ride has their side effects.

I’m only fifteen and I have lived in five different homes since I was born. Only very recently I have notice the effects it can have on one’s social life. Half the time when I’m in public I’m pretty much muted when I am around people I haven’t grown comfortable with.  Which means either , one I’m shy because I don’t know you or two I have nothing to say.

( The aftermath of being overseas huh?) I had really mixed emotion about leaving the states. At first it was hard leaving family and friends and a house I lived in for more than seven years. I ended up missing everything from the little things like the Disney Channel and Chick-fil-a ,to the big things for example going to Awanas every Wednesday .

After about a year I started to appreciate a lot of things I never thought I would have. like the opportunity to travel the world .My brother and I always laugh about the way we acted when we left the states. Imagine two kids in an airport crying their eyes out , while everyone is trying to check in their bags. ( We are pretty dramatic in this family)

Another side effect from traveling is change in personality .  In Japan when someone bows toward you ; you bow back . It’s a sign of respect toward one another.  After awhile I started to pick up these habits , and before I knew it I’m bowing at Italians , saying ‘grazie’ .

The most cruel side effect of traveling (practically the mother load) are the exit rout . I have been to half a dozen countries and I never wanted to leave once (including the states) . But leaving makes me want to travel more.  I promised myself that even after I leave for college in four years , I will keep traveling the world .  At this point I feel like I can’t live in the states anymore . Other wise I’ll feel like I’m trapped in this bubble which almost make it another side affect to traveling . (P.s that’s a good thing)

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