Back and Forth into the Future. Feild Guild

In my opinion, it is easier going forward and staying than making your way back.  But in this case I’ll make in exception; were going back to Japan.

Since we will be going through three different continents; we’ll have to handle three different time zones going forward, jet lag is going to be in play. Luckily for me I have a method. Just three simple tips.

1.)  Eat a lot of Fruit. Especially apples for the energy, to help stay up till at least 7’0clock, plus it keeps your mind off the pillow. Also don’t result to coffee and energy drinks. Because you might not be able to fall asleep when you need to. 

*One time my parents made us stand up until it was time for dinner)

2.) Plan your day out including when you should go to bed. Set a reasonable time like seven O’clock.  When you have a plan for the day it keeps you busy and it will put you in the mind set of getting things done.

*another time my entire family was sleeping all day then at night it was as if we were just going through a normal day.

3.) Walk everywhere that’s in walking distance. It keeps you active. Plus there is no bed around and I’m pretty sure you don’t want to fall asleep on the sidewalk. 


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