Comfort Zone Away from Home.

Hello from the other side:

Moving for me is very uncomfortable, I have to sleep in a bed that’s not mine. Eat fast food or microwave pasta, and do school on the go.  (World-schooler aka homeschool for real) For the past couple of years I have been forced out of my comfort zone.  So, I had to learn to live by this quote I found ironically comforting,  when the awkward teen comes out of me .

“Great things never came from comfort zones”

Sometimes this quote is not true. I mean, I miss the stuff that is apart of my everyday life. That stuff creates my comfort zone and that’s where I mostly feel safe. Moving can temporally take that away.

Every time we’ve moved into a new house the things that creates our comfort zones are stuck somewhere in a warehouse for months. I really miss my bed!!!!!

Being a military child has its moments where you really appreciate every little thing. For example.

  1. Pillows and soft blankets
  2. My Guitar
  3. Solid ground, train and planes was my life in 2015
  4. Real meals, sure French ,Italian, Croatian, Japanese, American, and Spanish food is great but hotel food and gas station snack suck.
  5. Cable Japanese shows looks funny but I have no idea
  6. Personal space, being stuck in a hotel with the fam is very annoying.
  7. And the list goes on and on

As of, last Friday I found out that our furniture is being moved in next week. We have been waiting for a fully furnish house since November. So my family and I have discovered, that it is better to find new comfort zones, till the point; everything’s your comfort zone.

Here’s how to do that.

  1. Your Suitcase.

Think of your suit case as your mobile closet on wheels. Make sure when you pack for those long trips; your suitcase is very well organized. So, way when you unpack, you can found everything you need.

Start separating everything in containers and Ziploc bags. You can just go to the dollar stores for these items . All of your clothing and foot wear should go into a bag like the photo to the right and everything from medicine to mini flat iron goes into to the containers.(photo to the left.)

 It saves room and you look pretty savvy during your travels.

img_6371-2I also used a sheet set package to hold my books in my suitcase;  like these photo below.img_6361img_6362


2. Checklist

To make sure you have everything you need to keep your sanity. Plan ahead by make a list of everything .Then split your list into two categories.

One category for needs. Which would go in your suitcase.

  • Toothbrush
  • Current season clothing
  • Chargers
  • Medication
  • And so on
Tip: Don’t take a bunch of books that you’re not going to read.


One for wants. Which would go in your carry on.

As far as I know the average weight limit for carry-on is 25lb

  • Ipod
  • Laptop
  • A book
  • Travel Pillow or favorite pillow. (mine has the coordinates to London.)

Tip: only take one or two electronics. It will save you time when you go through secretary.


Research the place your will be embracing. Not only will you be more familiar with your destination, you’ll get a little excited to show off your knowledge. Start by going to the local library or bookstore.

4. Make a “Must see” list

When you make a list for a day of sight seeing. You’ll feel more in control in this fast and crazy ride. I’m serious, vacations don’t last as long as you want them to.

My bucket list in Japan (my list is too long,  so here are my top three.)

  1. See the statue of Godzilla in Tokyo.
  2. Go to a Japanese tea ceremony
  3. Try every meat-free sushi at Sushi-Go-Around

5 language (optional)

If you’re traveling out of the states, or even state to state; you are probably going to have to pick up a few new word. I recommend phrases such as.

  1. Hi my name is….
  2. Do you speak English?
  3. Do you understand English?12714524_10205549348233997_1584762007_n
  4. Where are we?
  5. How much is this?
  6. Where is the restroom?
  7. Or,  if your like my family; you can play the famous game of charades.
6. The Honest Truth
    I could sugar code it for you but I would be giving you false hope. The truth is , its hard moving away from family and friends. The only thing you can do like me is mentally prepare yourself for the future.
So if you are taking a vacation, moving cross country or around the world be prepared and enjoy it because we grow up.
 Speaking of the future I am currently working on changing the name of my blog. Hopefully in the next two weeks or sooner.

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