DIY No-Sew Christmas Pillow (Gift)


Hello World Wide Web of Beautiful People,

It is finally sociably acceptable to embrace the holiday season and I am so excited for this post since it is a collaboration with YOURSTRULYVIVI. Make sure to check her DIY post on her blog because she’s awesome.  Okay, since we are obviously excited about the holidays we are going to do DIY Christmas gifts and I’m going to be doing DIY no-sew penguin pillow. So without further a due. LET’S GET STARTED!!!  I will be making more for the homeless here in Yokosuka, Japan. I hope they will enjoy having some holiday cheer as much as I enjoy making them.

Supplies:  For the Penguin:dscf0982

  1. Christmas Printed Fabric
  2. Black and White Felt Fabric
  3. Orange Fabric
  4. Glue Gun and Glue Sticks
  5. Scissors
  6. Cotton

For the Santa hat:

  1. Red and White fabric
  2. Glue Gun
  3. Cotton

Step 1:


 Cut the black felt for the body of penguin into two oval shapes and two little circles for the eyes. * No measurement need, make it as big or little as you want

  • Step 2:

Next you’re going to cut the white felt into a smaller oval and cut the sides downwards for the belly look.

* Optional : Cut the white felt into an oval and leave it like that.

Then you’re going to glue it onto one of the black felt fabrics and glue the two black circles (eyes) on the white felt along with the two smaller white felt pieces for the pupil.

Step 3:

Now you’re going to take the other oval-shaped felt put it on top of the penguin with the soft part on the inside. Next you’re going glue gun it around the edges and leave enough open to flip inside out.

Step 4:


Next you’re going to stuff the inside of the penguin with the cotton and seal the end.

Step 5:

Next you’re going to take the Christmas printed fabric and cut them into a glove shape then glue it onto side of the penguin.

*optional You can cut the fabric into a cute bow and glue it on the white felt.

The Santa Hat: *Optional*

Step 1:

First your going to cut two triangles out of the red fabric. The size doesn’t matter as long as you can glue it on the top of the penguin’s head. dscf1045

Step 2:

Glue the two triangles leaving the bigger side open. dscf1048

Next your going to flip it inside out dscf1050

Step 3:

Cut one long strip of the white fabric and glue it the rim of the hat.

Step 4:

Stuff the inside of the hat with the cotton.dscf1067

Step 5:

Glue the hat onto the penguin’s head and wrap them up and wish your friends a Merry Christmas. IMG_3426.jpg

I hope you enjoyed this DIY project and have a great holiday season. Make sure you visit YoursTrulyVivi for more DIY fun. Post a picture of your penguin on Instagram using the #almostmiaDIY and tag me in it @_almostmia  and let me know if you want more DIY.

Thanks for reading and feel to Follow my blog with Bloglovin . Make sure to follow me on Twitter(@mimifry15)  Facebook and on Instagram(@_almostmia) to keep updated on the latest post. Check out my last post:Happy Blogiversary .

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