Three Side Effects of Moving Internationally


The past seven (almost eight ) years I have had to move from house to house, country to country. To be honest, though, the reality of the past seven years have been one crazy roller coaster. Moreover, every ride has their side effects.  I am only seventeen, and I have lived in six different homes since I was born. Just very recently I have noticed the effects it can have on one’s social life. Half the time when I am in public, I am pretty much muted when I am around people I have not grown comfortable with, which means either, one I am shy because I do not know you or two I have nothing to say.

  1. ( The aftermath of being overseas huh?) I had mixed emotion about leaving the states. At first, it was hard leaving family and friends and a house I lived in for more than seven years. I ended up missing everything from the little things like the Disney Channel and Chick-fil-a to the big things, for example, going to Awanas every Wednesday. After about a year I started to appreciate many things I never thought I would have; like the opportunity to travel the world. My brother and I always laugh about the way we acted when we left the states. Imagine two kids in an airport crying their eyes out, while everyone is trying to check in his or her bags.
  2.  Another side effect of traveling is changing in personality.  In Japan when someone bows toward you; you bow back. It is a sign of respect toward one another.  After a while, I started to pick up these habits, and before I knew it, I’m bowing at Italians, saying ‘Grazie.’
  3. The cruelest side effect of traveling (practically the mother load) is the exit rout. I have been to half a dozen countries, and I never wanted to leave once (including the states). However, moving makes me want to travel more.  I promised myself that even after I leave for college in little over a year, I will keep traveling the world.  At this point, I feel like I can’t live in the states anymore. Otherwise, I will feel like I am trapped in this bubble, which almost makes it another side effect of traveling. (P.s that is a good thing)

Quote This !!!

“Progrss is impossobile without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.”

-George Bemard Shaw

International Reading 

Today on my first flight, the flight attendants handed me a German magazine. I feel like when I’m done with it I’ll be able to speak broken german.

Fun fact Madchen Means girl in german

As far as I can tell. It’s almost similar American girl crossed with Seventeen magazine.


It’s easier and more understandable to Mädchen than an Italian reading. Usually I would have trouble making since of what I’m reading. But thanks to this magazine I have some great ideas for Christmas gifts.  For example.

     #needcoffee pretty sums up the great feeling I got right after i woke up this morning at 2:45am.

Mädchen is mostly a fashion magazine. There were  an article on teen girl who style was inspired by American actresses and models.

Cara Delevingne

Emma Ro



Shey Mitchell

Dear Journal 12/11/2015: Side Effect part2

Dear Journal ,

Today is day four in the hotel after moving out and handing over the keys to the house to our landlord.  In total it took us five days to clean down and touch up the house. As we were going through motions of moving out I started experiencing the side effects.

Side Effect #1 of moving out .   As you’re packing out you’ll obviously notice the how much space was in the room before you filled it up with a bunch of thingumajig and whatsis.  When the items start coming out one by one and the house begins to feel more and more vacant ; you’ll regret leaving .

The some thing happened to me when I saw my hallowed out bedroom , I almost instantly wanted to cry over the fact that I wouldn’t get to sleep in my bed for the next few months , and watch Netflix  on my desk till two in the morning . (sorry mom! ) anyway pretty soon the entire house had nothing but a television on the second floor . As off now it has been two days since I last seen that house.

Another side effect to moving out is hording

When packing out you must decide on what you want to keep and what you want to throw away. When you go through the pile I guarantee you will find something you have lost six  months ago . And as you’re freaking out about that one thing you lost . the most important question arrives . ” Do I still need this when I have survive half a year without it.

Dad’s point of view : When you get use to seeing the something everyday , you become attach to that seeing that one thing. Then when it is time to decide whether you need this item or not.  You are almost blindsided to actual value of this item.

The last side effect is the reality of the move .  The other night I was talking to mom about how I can’t believe our time here is up. I fill like it’s all over and I’m not ready to leave.  I have so many great and fragile like memories .

10595999_10202291921880374_861393921_nfavorite memory :The time when my cousin RJ  ( more like older   brother) came to visit and my dad drove use about five hours to see the leaning tower of Pisa.  Almost as soon as we got there we tried the classic cliché photo of us holding up or pushing down the tower. Afterward we went to a near by outdoor pizzeria and watched the horse-buggies go down the cobblestone road . It was like something  out of a black and white movie.

Basically the reality is bitter sweet and  I want to  stay  and go all at once!!

Merry Christmas !!!

Buon Natale !!!

Dear Journal 11/4/2015

Dear Journal ,

Last week was October 31, that time of year when everyone dress up and go door to door and say “Trick or Treat”.

(Although I never really been tricked on Halloween before.)

Anyway my family and I are Christian and every year before now; we would go trick or treating in a neighborhood where the members of our church lived. After that we would go to the church for an event known as “Holly Night”, in the gymnasium

Know that I live overseas in Italy, Halloween is a little different. So in result t we had to really think what October 31st should be considered as. My family has always loved fall. The tree leaves change color and the weather is more fair to when you want to go out. Also it is the time of harvest and all of our favorites are in season. #IBreak4Pumpkins

Based off my morals I believe that Christians can dress up and go trick or treating, mainly because it’s another family occasion. At the same time Halloween doesn’t have to be scary, we can do without the living dead fantasies and terrible horrifying pranks, you see online.


Random thoughts

If I were an actor I’d like to be in the action films. Something like a spy or a martial artist. Save the world with crazy gadget and epic battles. Be the un-named hero.

  That honestly sounds like total fun . I wonder what  would it be like on set ,with the cameras and the make-up crew and awesome costume designs ?

    It’s hilarious that I’m fifteen and I still have silly fantasies like this.  it’s crazy but if I had a superhero name It would be ” shadow” mainly because people think I’m really quite and I keep to myself. When in fact I’m just day dreaming about what my life. would be like if I was a magazine journalist or a NCIS agent with Jethro Gibbs.

 Wow every time I reread this I think” I sound completely insane to post this on a blog. I only act silly around people I’m really comfortably with. Since I can’t physically see who is reading this I’m find . The fact that I think like this says a lot about my personality . #LOLiminsane

Well that’s the end of my fantasy .

Dear Journal 10/15/2015

Dear Journal today was a good day,

Today I just sent a postcard to one of my closest friend back home . On the front there was a photo of the city of Pompeii . The reservation of the ruin were just beautiful . Not only was the two-hour drive worth the trip it’s worth writing about

As you are aware Pompeii is one of the three victims of Mt. Vesuvius outrageous outburst back in 79 AD. right out side the ruins . An amphitheater had a small building to contribute to the victims of Mt. Vesuvius . When the volcano erupted the people of Pompeii had no place to hide . They were either killed by the deadly lava or inhaled the toxic air .You could see the stone in ash of the bodies . There were mother holding on to their children and men in a position of agony as if they were curled up in a ball.  It was a sad and depressing thing ; to experience that and to see those bodies covered ash .

When we got in to the  actual city of Pompeii (to be honest) , the whole place is a giant labyrinth . At least that’s what it felt like.  As you go in you can see everything you’ve only previously seen on the internet or in history books. We have seen it all from the kitchen to the temple to the restroom. there was even a café in the middle of it all. Just think about it whole city in ruin is reserved for you to walk about . How many time have you been to a museum and wonder what would it be like . Pompeii is as close as your going to get to actually being in history .

As I walk through the city I was talking to my mom about the history and the people of Pompeii . Pompeii was actually part of the roman empire , it was a roman city . This city was a really sophisticated and cultural environment . I could tell from the architecture and the way they were designed .

Eventually toward the end of the maze we got lost ,looking for the statue of the dancing faun ( it was small) . When we finally found our way of the great maze. we went home only to find out that at six o’clock in the morning were climbing Mt. Vesuvius.

Which was another two-hour ride plus a 25 minute bus ride up 2/3 on the volcano . To be honest ,It doesn’t look like a lot but it take at least in hour and a half hour down . We were practically running down the mountain cause it was so steep . I I’m not going to lie I got a little dizzy at the top . But all in all it was a pretty good two-day trip.

Pompeii today was rebuilt around the ruins . Where there are churches and café ,shops and restaurants and so one.

So if your reading this and your thinking . “Hmm? I should visit Pompeii .”  Please do , I strongly suggest  the site seeing . I have lived in Italy for almost two years , and I have seen all the sites. I honestly believe Pompeii was extraordinary.