What’s on my phone ?

Hello World Wide Web of beautiful people

Long time no see, eh. For the past couple of days I really have been busy; I promise.  From SAT to Virginia DMV studies. I barely have time for anything right now.

Except my iPhone of course. I always have time for my phone. Temporally #nexflixandchill has been replaced with #justplayingonmyphone!!! Anyway this week is starting to calm down so , I figured I do a post with my obsession to my iPhone.

I am only organizes if is digitize; Including my iPhone.  There are only 3 pages (if that’s what they are called) on my phone. The first one I personally call the default page.

Which is basically everything my phone won’t allow me to delete. I mainly just keep checking the time in other countries , to keep up with my friend with different time zones. My real friends are the ones who can’t be here. So this international app is extremely key to my social life. (You know , next to instagram , twitter and Facebook.) Duhh!!!

  Ah the work page!! My only reason to be on my phone during school hours. ( perks of being homeschooled)

Are you terrible at math, are you parents worse. Well there’s a solution.  Photomath, it may sound to good to be true, but this app is the ‘Star Wars’ lifesaver of math. All you do is scan the math problem into the app and it will show you step by step how to solve that equation, plus you’ll get the answer right.

I highly recommend that baby. Then there s the usual, instagram,Facebook,twitter and so on.

The personal and fun page.(photo to the right!) Every app I’m obsesses basically. But the one I’m mostly addicted to is the monopoly app. My score against the computer is 5/27. (I know , it’s pretty impressive.)

Then there is Covet, the style app where I can own the most expensive and gorgeous fabric, which actually exist. To be honest the name suits it well. (I WANT EVERYTHING!!!!)  PLUS…If you really like a piece of clothing . Covet will give you a link to the website where it can be purchase.

Now if you’re a guitarist,  like myself you’re going to need to need easy access to the new song and their chords and/or tabs. Riffr is the app to do so.

What are your favorite apps? comment below the application you can’t live without.

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