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Happy Blogiversary 

One year ago today I posted my first blog post and published my blog online. I didn’t realize how much work goes into building a blog, let alone a post. So to celebrate my one year anniversary here are the  10 things I wish I knew before starting a blog.

  1. Get a Niche: Not knowing what you want to write about is very frustrating especially when you’re just starting off.
  2. Never compare your work to someone elses. Be original the way you communicate to your readers is very important.
  3. Plan, plan, plan:  Know what you want to write and when you want to post it. Since, I’m homeschooled I only have time to work on my blog during the weekends. So, I schedule them to post whenever I want them to.
  4. Know when is a good time: If 4:00 pm is when you get the most views and responses start planning to post at 4:00pm.
  5. Use Social Media: Every blog post and Youtube video about building and branding your blog will tell you that Twitter, Instagram ,Facebook and maybe even Snapchat is a quick and easy way to tell others about the latest post or when your going to post. Even maybe when your bored, just tell twitter about how you manage to watch ” The Walking Dead” for eight hours straight.
  6. Have a logo.
  7. Don’t be too serious.
  8. Post what you want and what others want to see.
  9. Be personal
  10. Always remember your blogiversary

I just want to thank my family for so much love and support. To show my appreciation for my subscribers, here is my blogiversary giveaway.

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5 Back to School Tips (GIVEAWAY)

Hello World Wide Web of Beautiful People. It’s the end of summer and school has begun. it’s that time of year for stressful essays, hardcore schedules and insanely early mornings. So here are some quick tips to get you through the day.

Quick Tip no.1 : If you have a hard time getting out of bed (like me) set two alarms 30 minutes apart. In that 30 min you can lay in bad on your phone and give yourself a chance to fully wake up. Just make sure it’s 30 minutes before your day actually starts.

Quick tip no.2 : Write out a quick list of goals you want to accomplish throughout the day. ( If you’re not homeschooled, do this in the car or on the bus.)

Quick tip no.3 : At night everybody is doing homework, chores or something to occupy their minds. There isn’t enough time for yourself. So wake up early in the morning while everyone else is asleep and take some time for yourself.  Unless you not homeschooled and your bus arrives at some ridiculous time in the morning.

Quick tip no. 4: Keep your makeup routine as basic as possible. I personally just put on lip gloss, eyeshadow and mascara. NO concealer, that’s for weekends and/or special events.

Quick tip no.5 : Keep breakfast in mind. Not only is it the most important meal of the day, but it’s the only one you get until lunch time.

GIVEAWAY!!!!  It’s the beginning of the school, everything counts and helps. Want to win a makeup bag with some back to school essentials? follow instructions below.DSCF0563

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Why I Went Vegetarian (Short post)


Hello World Wide Web of beautiful people.

For three years now I have been slowly cutting meat out of my daily diet. Even though I still get tempted to have a McDonald hambrger, I can now claim the vegetarian title. Except on thanksgiving, that’s too much. 😉  In the past year I have been able to make vegetarian meals for my family and myself, which I’m extremely proud of . Since it’s summer time I’ve been craving a burger or a hotdog at cookouts. Fortunately thanks to the internet there is always a vegetarian option and alternative.

It’s been really hard to not eat meat in the past two years. Fortunately  my family has been really supportive, which makes meat less tempting .

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset


I have noticed certain changes about myself. For instance, my senses of smell have become extremely sensitive to certain meats and unpleasant fragrances. It has gotten to the point where I am nauseous at the smell of bacon.

That’s not why I’m writing this. I guess I’m writing this for me. So I can finally put the reason why the change of diet into words.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

My family’s health has become a concern after my dad became an Insanity instructor. We have cut a lot of processed food out of our lives. Because we would read articles about how “such ‘n such” could cause cancer. When we moved to Italy, I saw how clean the Italians ate and I wondered why is America so accepting of all this junky, greasy food that won’t spoil for weeks or maybe even months. Where as it for the Italian’s food would spoil in a couple a days.

People would ask me why.   Why are you switching?   Why are you giving up meat?   As if it’s inhuman.   This in fact is I didn’t give up meat.   I gave up the thought of greasy, fatty foods as normal, because it’s not.

I’m not saying I’m never going to eat at McDonalds ever again or having a slice of pizza. Seeing it’s 2016,  and the idea of having no time to make healthy meals has been sold to this generation and the next. At least I know now.

” A heathy outside starts from the inside.”
                                                          – Robert Urich

Baked mac n’ cheese
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(Like for mac ‘n cheese recipe )


Quote This !!!

”  A goal without a plan is just a wish.”

-Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Dear Six-Year-Old Mimi

When I was younger I used to wish I was sixteen so I could hangout with my older cousins. Now that sixteen is right around the corner. I decided to write a letter to the six-year-old little girl who had no idea where she would end ten years later.

Dear six-year-old me,

I can’t tell you how much I envy you. Your innocence was timeless and beautiful. You had your problems obviously but that’s what help shape your judgement today.

Today you are shy and silent yet to stubborn to let anyone change your personality, thank you for that.  

Growing up your  friends really were your life. I will never forget the moments of us reenacting our favorite scenes from High School Musical and chasing the boys around the park just to prove how fast we were. Also, don’t take what your friends or foe have to say to heart. Form your own opinions and morals based off your christian environment.

Another thing, I know you probably think you have mean teachers but the way I see it, you have passionate mentors and like it or not you deserved every visit to the vice principal office. Till this day, we both blame it on MATH! Don’t worry you got better in school and now you have the courage to run your own blog. You may not have 100 followers but you have 20 amazing follower that you’re proud of  and because of your growing passion of writing. Even though you suck at grammar . It’s okay because your mom and your dad both told you to just write and you do; that’s why you have over 30 drafts hidden in your folder.

Bottom line is we’re still growing up and still forming our own opinions. We want a voice in this world that is nothing but positive and informative. I wish I could be six forever. When making friends was so much easier and growing up was much more harder. Please don’t rush to be me. Try to stale as much time as your little creative mind can.

Stop ( with a capital S) wishing you were a teenager. It may look a lot cooler from your little eyes but all that mean is that you a getting closer and closer to leaving the nest.  You’re going to wish and wish to be six years old all over again. The thought of leaving in a FEW years is scary and unthinkable, but someday it will happen and I’m going to think of you.    

                                                                                                                                  – Sincerely Mya

Introducing Clair


So I’m Claire (hello nice to meet you) and I’m very lucky to be doing a guest post on Mia’s blog. Mia also did one over on my blog so go check that out after reading this! We’re img_0464basically going to be doing 20 facts about each other just to introduce us.


1) I am fifteen years old (I’m sixteen on Monday yay)

2) I have three pets, two dogs (Molly and George) and one cat (Lennon *before you judge, my parents and I really like the Beatles hence the name Lennon and George*).

3) I’m from England! Particularly the North of England in the Lake District. It’s beautiful and I’m so lucky to live here; however it’s very wet which usually brings my mood down.

4) My favourite bands include Mariana’s Trench, Frightened Rabbit, All Time Low, Sleeping with Sirens, Imagine Dragons and OneRepublic. However I also love listening to The Vamps when I feel really happy :).

5) I listen to music for a majority of the day. Any time I can I will, however we aren’t allowed to get out our phones at school like NO.

6) I am OBSESSED with traveling and adventuring. I’m not even joking I dream about it every day.

7) I’M SO CLUMSY OH MY GOD. I swear I trip up every day, not including when I walk into door frames and walls. My friends laugh at me constantly for doing all this uGh.

8) I somehow manage to get myself into the most embarrassing situations I could at the time. The worst seem to occur in public or in front of really popular people/big crowds.

9) My favourite subject at school is Geography  (physical geography in particular) purely due to the fact that I love learning about the world around me and how everything works and fits together.

10) My favourite hobby out of school is going on walks and taking pictures of my surroundings.

11) I love reading when I can find the time to. This makes me sound dodgy but I especially like reading about crime and death etc… I’m not a mass murderer… I promise..

12) I am an adrenaline junkie. There’s no hiding it. I am obsessed with rollercoasters and extreme sports and I’d always jump at the chance to go bungee jumping or sky diving and argh I laaave  it!

13) I like to eat.

14) I have no idea what I want to do as a career in the future and it really scares me.

15) I’m amazing at sleeping. It’s one of those things that comes naturally to me and I like to do it as much as possible :).

16) For GCSE’s I have chosen French, Geography, ICT and Art as well as all the compulsory subjects (Maths, English Lit/Lang, Biology, Chemistry, Physics and RE).

17) I really enjoy art, especially watercolours. I have a lot of really good views that I love to just sit and paint.

18) I really love watching horror movies with my friends. I can’t watch them on my own but for some reason I absolutely love watching them with my friends.

19) My all time favourite movie is Shawn of the Dead which really isn’t a horror movie but more a comedy. It stars Simon Pegg and Nick Frost whom are my all time favourite actors. They both work so well together.

20) Finally, I have the worst genes ever. Darwin’s theory of Natural Selection really didn’t work for me. Instead of getting the best characteristics from both parents; I just seem to get the worst from both. I suffer from Asthma, Eczema, Hayfever, Peanut allergies, cat allergies and I’m also iron deficient hence why I like to sleep often.

So yeah they were my 20 facts and if you for some reason liked these facts then you should so totally head over to my blog where you will find more. I’m trying to post every week but I’m currently struggling to keep up with revision and blogging. However I will soon be back and doing my thang so stay tuned!

If you liked this then Mia also did 20 facts on my blog so why don’t you go over and check that out? I know you want to…So yeah thanks Mia for having me on your blog and thank you to all Mia’s readers to take time to read this haha.
Claire x

What’s on my phone ?

Hello World Wide Web of beautiful people

Long time no see, eh. For the past couple of days I really have been busy; I promise.  From SAT to Virginia DMV studies. I barely have time for anything right now.

Except my iPhone of course. I always have time for my phone. Temporally #nexflixandchill has been replaced with #justplayingonmyphone!!! Anyway this week is starting to calm down so , I figured I do a post with my obsession to my iPhone.

I am only organizes if is digitize; Including my iPhone.  There are only 3 pages (if that’s what they are called) on my phone. The first one I personally call the default page.

Which is basically everything my phone won’t allow me to delete. I mainly just keep checking the time in other countries , to keep up with my friend with different time zones. My real friends are the ones who can’t be here. So this international app is extremely key to my social life. (You know , next to instagram , twitter and Facebook.) Duhh!!!

  Ah the work page!! My only reason to be on my phone during school hours. ( perks of being homeschooled)

Are you terrible at math, are you parents worse. Well there’s a solution.  Photomath, it may sound to good to be true, but this app is the ‘Star Wars’ lifesaver of math. All you do is scan the math problem into the app and it will show you step by step how to solve that equation, plus you’ll get the answer right.

I highly recommend that baby. Then there s the usual, instagram,Facebook,twitter and so on.

The personal and fun page.(photo to the right!) Every app I’m obsesses basically. But the one I’m mostly addicted to is the monopoly app. My score against the computer is 5/27. (I know , it’s pretty impressive.)

Then there is Covet, the style app where I can own the most expensive and gorgeous fabric, which actually exist. To be honest the name suits it well. (I WANT EVERYTHING!!!!)  PLUS…If you really like a piece of clothing . Covet will give you a link to the website where it can be purchase.

Now if you’re a guitarist,  like myself you’re going to need to need easy access to the new song and their chords and/or tabs. Riffr is the app to do so.

What are your favorite apps? comment below the application you can’t live without.

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