iTunes shopping Haul!!!

Summer is right around the corner and there is always new music for listening . Lately I’ve kinda had a music shopping spree on iTunes (sorry dad!!) and I bought a lot of new music to last me all summer.  So I guess you can call this an ITunes Haul.

*= anything before 2016

  1. Smoke and Fire –  Sabrina Carpenter.(2016)   Favorite Lyrics: ” I’m no firefighter, I just need to breathe tonight.”
  2. The Life -(2016) Fifth Harmony
  3. *Better When I’m Dancing -(2015) The Peanut movie soundtrack.  Favorite lyrics: ” Just move those left feet, go head, get crazy. Anyone can do  it say aye oh aye oh.
  4. * Anyway -(2015) Tori Kelly. Favorite lyrics: My head’s full of dreams and I feel like living them. Way you messing with perfection, inspiration is what I’m chasing.
  5. *Stone Cold –  Demi Lovato (2015)
  6. * Sit still, look pretty –  Daya(2015)
  7. * Know-it-All (Album) –  Alessia Cara. Favorite Lyrics from Wild Things: “let them sell what they are selling, there are no buyers here.(2015)
  8. * Paradise – Coldplay (2011)
  9. Boombox- Laura Marano (2016)
  10. * Written in the star – The Girl and the dreamcatcher. (2015) Fav Lyrics: We’re right here and we’re going to write our story , written in the star like graffiti can’t ignore it.
  11. *7 Years – Lukas Graham. Fav Lyric: All of it. (2015)
  12. * 2 Poor Kids- Ruth B (2015)
  13. Mascara – Megan Nicole (2016)
  14. * Thrift Shop Cover – Alex G (2013)
  15. *Love yourself – Justin Bieber (2015) Fav Lyric: My mama don’t like you and she likes everyone.
  16. Don’t let me down- Chainsmokers (ft.Daya)
  17. Me Too – Maghan Trainor. Fav Lyric: I thank God everyday, that I woke up feeling this way.

Friday Favorites: My Playlist/Whats in my Bag

Hello World Wide Wed of Beautiful People!!!

 What is Friday favorites you ask? Basically, I just talk about two random things that keep me sane through the week, and the new stuff I just added to my everyday life.

Favorite Songs: Music is a huge part in my life. My grandmother was a choir director and my mother was the assistant director. So naturally I was drawn to music, singing, and wanting to know how to play every instrument. (Just to clarify, I don’t play every instrument; but that’s the goal) My music and the songs I listen to are based off on how well I can relate or if it’s just a generally nice raw song.

  1. Justin Bieber-  I’ll Show You
  2. Rachel Platten – Lone Ranger
  3. Alessia Cara – My Song
  4. Daya – Sit Still, Look Pretty
  5. Alex Goot – Sensitivity
  6. Christina Grimmie –With Love
  7. Clean Bandit – Rather Be
  8. Zendaya – Neverland

Favorite book bag essentials: I don’t usually carry around a purse as often as I used to. Mainly because I am a lot busier now.  for instance I am babysitting, to help get a new computer for my blog. Also on Mondays I have a one on one Japanese lesson with my dad . Plus I’m going to start volunteering through red-cross at the library soon. So, carrying a purse just doesn’t do the job a book bag can. I typically use purses for when I’m going out to dinner or a party.img_6723-2

Anyway………… This bag is the love of my life. My partners in crime. We never go anywhere without each other.  I got this owl print book bag at an Italian market. Which is where I got most of my Italian wardrobe from. It actually looks small but it carries everything I need, from a Japanese handbook to my Ipsy makeup bag. Check it out here below.


 All of this stuff keeps me calm and organized. There is no way I can live the way I do and not have the essentials I need. (It would be impossible.)

This was the first of many Friday favorites. Comment below what you would like to see me post about next Friday. Thanks for reading and feel to Follow my blog with Bloglovin . Make sure to follow me on Twitter(@mimifry15) and on Instagram(@_almostmia).