Top 10 Things To Do in Japan!!!! Teen Edition!!!

10. Karaoke Night With the BFFs


9. Sushi Go Round

Sushi go round is so inexpensive; they charge 100 yen($1.00) to 500 yen ($5.00) per plate. Be careful tho, the sushi goes around the entire restaurant and makes it’s everything look so appealing you’ll run your bill up and barely be able to walk out the door.


8. Indian Curry

I know what you’re thinking. “Why would I eat Indian Curry when I’m in Japan?” Here in Japan you can actually get authentic curry and be a part of the activities of the locals.

7. Friendship Day Festival 

6. Shrines Sight Seeing.

Shrines are everywhere here in Japan but it’s the history and the view that makes them all very interesting.

5. Ride the Trains

Riding the trains in Japan is an experience in its self. Most likely you will get lost the first time on the trains but that’s the best part. Someone will always be happy to help you need to find your way back. Not to mention where ever you end up at you can adventure off and worry about getting back later. (True Story)


4. Get Lost in Tokyo (on purpose)


3. Sumo Wrestling Tournament


2. Have a photo shoot at a local park




1. Visit Ueno Park

I love Ueno Park, not only is there a zoo and Natural Museum but there is also a huge market in the center waiting with crazy good food that you can only get in Japan and if you’re not feeling adventurous with the food, there is Starbuck in front of the zoo.



The Jungle Book (2016) Review 

My favorite part of my childhood just made a come back in the most incredible way. With all the bare necessities from the animated Disney film. As you know the original movie was released in 1967 where Bagheera found the man cub ( Mowgli) and gives him to the wolf pack ……Blah blah blah……tigar hates him…….. blah blah blah…..Baloo becomes friends with Mowgli and sing songs…….Mowgli gets into a bunch of trouble……..Ect, you know the rest.

To be honest as much I love revisiting early childhood memories I was not excited to see this film. fortunately both of my brothers were ( the youngest has never even seen the animated version before.) but as usual , he like anything Disney slaps their label on. So we went the week it came out and I’m impressed.

This film is more intense than the cartoon but intriguing to all ages of viewers.  I freaked out when I found out Jon Favreau (aka Happy from Iron Man) was the director of this film. His work on Zathura was genius. Any movie adopted from a book should be directed by this guy. 

How many songs can you remember from this film?   You should know at least three. Because here we had the three most important songs of the movie, that’s just my opinion . “The Bare Necessities” and “I wanna be like you ooh ooh”haha,  ya get it ?! I’m going to leave the third one a mystery.

Another feature that helped make this movie a big hit (again my opinion) was the cast. Especially  with Neel Sethi as Mowgli.   Sethi betrayed the role of a man cub perfectly and who better to play his best friend Baloo than Bill Murray ( Ever seen Goundhog Day). Plus his mentor Bagheera voiced Ben Kingsley, who brought a bit of dramatics to screen. If you agree comment down below.

I don’t want to reveal too much because you probably want to see the movie yourself. So I’ll leave it alone here.

In conclusion it’s an all in all great family night film. Or a just take your friends; if you have one of those , and enjoy this modern version of your childhood.

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