Dear Journal 01/06/16 We Arrived……….awhile ago. 

Dear Journal , 

In December 15 2015 my family and I have returned to our paradise know as Japan. Which is the reason why I haven’t been posting anything (Jet-lag). I have to tell you about the four plane journey. 

  I can’t complain about our last few hours in Italy. It was a good way to go.  When we were in the process of checking in. Mom norticed one of our fellow navel family right behind us. Ironically enough we were put on the same flight with one another.  So our to families had one last italian breakfast at this really nice vintage café .  

Me drinking one last cappocino  
  Of course we didn’t sit together on the plane but it was excellent that we got to see this family one last time. After going through italian classes and MWR trips together. 

( if you don’t know what MWR means you’re not part of a military family ).

If you read “International Reading” ( another post) .  Then you already know how my first flight went.  

The second plane was one of the longest flights. But the extra six inches of legroom and personal tvs with most of the recently released movies and shows, helped me get through it.  

When we got off the 11hr plane ride in Houston 

International Reading 

Today on my first flight, the flight attendants handed me a German magazine. I feel like when I’m done with it I’ll be able to speak broken german.

Fun fact Madchen Means girl in german

As far as I can tell. It’s almost similar American girl crossed with Seventeen magazine.


It’s easier and more understandable to Mädchen than an Italian reading. Usually I would have trouble making since of what I’m reading. But thanks to this magazine I have some great ideas for Christmas gifts.  For example.

     #needcoffee pretty sums up the great feeling I got right after i woke up this morning at 2:45am.

Mädchen is mostly a fashion magazine. There were  an article on teen girl who style was inspired by American actresses and models.

Cara Delevingne

Emma Ro



Shey Mitchell

Dear Journal 12/11/2015: Side Effect part2

Dear Journal ,

Today is day four in the hotel after moving out and handing over the keys to the house to our landlord.  In total it took us five days to clean down and touch up the house. As we were going through motions of moving out I started experiencing the side effects.

Side Effect #1 of moving out .   As you’re packing out you’ll obviously notice the how much space was in the room before you filled it up with a bunch of thingumajig and whatsis.  When the items start coming out one by one and the house begins to feel more and more vacant ; you’ll regret leaving .

The some thing happened to me when I saw my hallowed out bedroom , I almost instantly wanted to cry over the fact that I wouldn’t get to sleep in my bed for the next few months , and watch Netflix  on my desk till two in the morning . (sorry mom! ) anyway pretty soon the entire house had nothing but a television on the second floor . As off now it has been two days since I last seen that house.

Another side effect to moving out is hording

When packing out you must decide on what you want to keep and what you want to throw away. When you go through the pile I guarantee you will find something you have lost six  months ago . And as you’re freaking out about that one thing you lost . the most important question arrives . ” Do I still need this when I have survive half a year without it.

Dad’s point of view : When you get use to seeing the something everyday , you become attach to that seeing that one thing. Then when it is time to decide whether you need this item or not.  You are almost blindsided to actual value of this item.

The last side effect is the reality of the move .  The other night I was talking to mom about how I can’t believe our time here is up. I fill like it’s all over and I’m not ready to leave.  I have so many great and fragile like memories .

10595999_10202291921880374_861393921_nfavorite memory :The time when my cousin RJ  ( more like older   brother) came to visit and my dad drove use about five hours to see the leaning tower of Pisa.  Almost as soon as we got there we tried the classic cliché photo of us holding up or pushing down the tower. Afterward we went to a near by outdoor pizzeria and watched the horse-buggies go down the cobblestone road . It was like something  out of a black and white movie.

Basically the reality is bitter sweet and  I want to  stay  and go all at once!!

Merry Christmas !!!

Buon Natale !!!