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  1. Butter London Scrubbers : $10.00
  2. Lancome Mascara and eyeshadow: $10.00
  3. Luseta Hair Masque: $29.00
  4. St Ives Face Wash: $ 3.51
  5. Mini Composition book: $0.79
  6. Bath & Body Works Room Perfume Spray (Japanese Cherry Blossom): $7.50
  7. Primrose Hill : $11.99

Why I Went Vegetarian (Short post)


Hello World Wide Web of beautiful people.

For three years now I have been slowly cutting meat out of my daily diet. Even though I still get tempted to have a McDonald hambrger, I can now claim the vegetarian title. Except on thanksgiving, that’s too much. 😉  In the past year I have been able to make vegetarian meals for my family and myself, which I’m extremely proud of . Since it’s summer time I’ve been craving a burger or a hotdog at cookouts. Fortunately thanks to the internet there is always a vegetarian option and alternative.

It’s been really hard to not eat meat in the past two years. Fortunately  my family has been really supportive, which makes meat less tempting .

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset


I have noticed certain changes about myself. For instance, my senses of smell have become extremely sensitive to certain meats and unpleasant fragrances. It has gotten to the point where I am nauseous at the smell of bacon.

That’s not why I’m writing this. I guess I’m writing this for me. So I can finally put the reason why the change of diet into words.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

My family’s health has become a concern after my dad became an Insanity instructor. We have cut a lot of processed food out of our lives. Because we would read articles about how “such ‘n such” could cause cancer. When we moved to Italy, I saw how clean the Italians ate and I wondered why is America so accepting of all this junky, greasy food that won’t spoil for weeks or maybe even months. Where as it for the Italian’s food would spoil in a couple a days.

People would ask me why.   Why are you switching?   Why are you giving up meat?   As if it’s inhuman.   This in fact is I didn’t give up meat.   I gave up the thought of greasy, fatty foods as normal, because it’s not.

I’m not saying I’m never going to eat at McDonalds ever again or having a slice of pizza. Seeing it’s 2016,  and the idea of having no time to make healthy meals has been sold to this generation and the next. At least I know now.

” A heathy outside starts from the inside.”
                                                          – Robert Urich

Baked mac n’ cheese
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(Like for mac ‘n cheese recipe )


July Favorite : Medias

Hello World Wide Web of beautiful people.  It’s August and this post is well over due. I would have done another post of my favorite things but then it would be the exact same post as last months.(June Favorites)  So This month I’m gong to show you my favorite screen time items.

  1. Favorite Songs

2) Favorite Shows

  • Reign
  • Keeping up with the Kardashians
  • Fresh off the boat
  • Descendent of the sun (Kdrama)
  • Heirs (Kdrama)

3) Apps

4) Website/ youtube

That’s it, only because I spend most of my time on my phone.

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June Favorites


Hello World Wide Web of Beautiful people. Ahhhh June ,flowers, blazing freaking hot sun and obsessions. My obsessions of the month of June, I think I have a problem. Anyway……Let’s go.

Olay Fresh Effect


Olay Fresh Effects (bead me up) Exfoliating Cleanser. Price : $6.99-$7.99

I’ve always been self-conscience about my skin. Mainly because of the pimple puberty in late elementary school. I could not get my face cleared up. So lately I’ve been real concern about my facile care.  My skin has never felt so fresh, clean and clear. (this is not a promo, but I highly recommend ) Olay, I love you.

Marsk’s Mineral Eyeshadow. Shade: Mudcake  Price: $22.50

I found this shade through and it’s perfect. I took a profile quiz and matched my skin tone and everything. It’s a great shade for summer and winter and it’s defiantly apart of my everyday makeup routine. It’s a dark pink shimmer that apples easily and is a great pair with liquid eyeliner. As much as I need mascara,I need Marsk Mudcake eyeshadow.

Kylie Lipkits

Kylie Lip Kits

I have a lip kit problem. I been obsess with Kylie Cosmetics product.

The three shades I have here from left to right.

  1. Gloss: Literally  $15.00
  2. Metel Matte liquid lipstick : Reign  $18.00
  3. Lip kit: Candy K $17.00



Reign is the first one I bought last month and I’m impressed. When you open up the K lipstick it smells like heavenly chocolate. Applying the intense color is really simple and easy to pair with any outfit setting. No complaints.


Candy K and Literally


Candy K is a little to light for my skin tone so I pared it with the gloss:  Literally. Which Darken the candy pink shade a little bit and matches it with my tone of skin. I recently just bought the Dark of Knight kit and I’m really looking forward to receiving my Kylie Cosmetics black box. As soon as it comes in I will post a review.

Only complain, is the gloss. It’s really sticky and it gets all over my teeth. I only use it as a top coat to darken the Candy K. All in all I’m impressed.




Starbucks Travel Coffee Mug. Price: $16.00

Back in May my Family took trip to Hawaii.( Vlog Here). My dad had to stay an extra two-week for a business trip while we returned to Japan. When he got back he gave me this Starbucks travel mug that says Hawaii. Now I have an even bigger obsession with coffee. Thanks Dad!



Can Coffee: Boss. Price 130 Yen


Speaking of coffee; here in Japan there are vending machines literally everywhere. My Favorite drink is the Boss can coffee. Usually in the winter the can coffees are hot. Since it’s summer and the Japanese know it’s common sense to not drink hot can beverages. They have them cool in the summer. It has a bitter sweetness to it and I buy one almost everyday for 130 yen, like a Boss. 


Japanese Black Backpack. Price 3,000 Yen

Now, I know in a previous post I claimed I was in love with my owl printed backpack/purse thingamajig. Unfortunately about a week later it got caught in my seatbelt and the strap broke. So I had to by a new bag and I think I’m in love. This bag is a lifesaver,babysitter helper and my brothers secretary bag.(Theres a package of Pokémon cards in my bag now.)  I got this bag for 3,000 yen at the Aeon Mall in Yokosuka.

DSCF0154Coach Sneakers. Price: It was a gift, IDK.

These Coach shoes are the only pair of shoes I’ve worn in the past month. My aunt gave me her shoes since they where the wrong size. I wear them on planes, long care rides, walk and babysitting gigs. Basically there so comfortable I base my outfit off these shoes. Thanks Aunt April.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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What’s on my phone ?

Hello World Wide Web of beautiful people

Long time no see, eh. For the past couple of days I really have been busy; I promise.  From SAT to Virginia DMV studies. I barely have time for anything right now.

Except my iPhone of course. I always have time for my phone. Temporally #nexflixandchill has been replaced with #justplayingonmyphone!!! Anyway this week is starting to calm down so , I figured I do a post with my obsession to my iPhone.

I am only organizes if is digitize; Including my iPhone.  There are only 3 pages (if that’s what they are called) on my phone. The first one I personally call the default page.

Which is basically everything my phone won’t allow me to delete. I mainly just keep checking the time in other countries , to keep up with my friend with different time zones. My real friends are the ones who can’t be here. So this international app is extremely key to my social life. (You know , next to instagram , twitter and Facebook.) Duhh!!!

  Ah the work page!! My only reason to be on my phone during school hours. ( perks of being homeschooled)

Are you terrible at math, are you parents worse. Well there’s a solution.  Photomath, it may sound to good to be true, but this app is the ‘Star Wars’ lifesaver of math. All you do is scan the math problem into the app and it will show you step by step how to solve that equation, plus you’ll get the answer right.

I highly recommend that baby. Then there s the usual, instagram,Facebook,twitter and so on.

The personal and fun page.(photo to the right!) Every app I’m obsesses basically. But the one I’m mostly addicted to is the monopoly app. My score against the computer is 5/27. (I know , it’s pretty impressive.)

Then there is Covet, the style app where I can own the most expensive and gorgeous fabric, which actually exist. To be honest the name suits it well. (I WANT EVERYTHING!!!!)  PLUS…If you really like a piece of clothing . Covet will give you a link to the website where it can be purchase.

Now if you’re a guitarist,  like myself you’re going to need to need easy access to the new song and their chords and/or tabs. Riffr is the app to do so.

What are your favorite apps? comment below the application you can’t live without.

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Spring is Coming!!! (OOTD)

Hello Worldwide Web of Beautiful People!

Finally!!!  Spring is coming so, it’s time to hang up the bubble jacket and pop out the denim jackets and cardigans!!! Yaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!!! I’ve been waiting for this all winter long. You know, all those cute sweaters and cardigans being stoled away for three whole seasons. It’s so sad!!!img_6843

Oh look , here I am wearing my favorite well………everything. American Rag is my all time favorite brand and I’m practically obsessed with them right along with Levis.

1.American Rags crochet tee.

I find this outfit piece comfortable and the material is really soft (similar) . It’s completely perfect for a boho-chic look in the spring. Which can easily be crossed over into summer, because of it’s light and sheer fabric.
 2. Jean Jacket

I actually got the jacket from an Italian market for $5.(similar)  Total steal, Plus since spring hasn’t officially hit, it’s still a little chilly outside so it’s perfect for this time of year.



3. Alix Synthetic Bootie ( American Rags)

These babies literally work with everything. It’s the only thing in my wardrobe that can complete any outfit. A total steal for &39.99 ( on sale) , originally  $69.00.

I have been on planes and trains for more than 18hr, and I have yet to wear anything cute and comfortable at the same time, until these beauties. I highly recommend these.

 4.Levi’s Super Skinny Jeans.
If I could, I would wear these in my sleep. Even though they are super skinny, I always get one size bigger just so I wear them twice as long.

These dark skinny jeans are perfect for any look. I got them on a 30% off sale  ( $40.00.) So pretty much a steal.


Necklaces- $1.00 (thrift shop)

Headband- &4.00( clairs)

I don’t have a specific sense style. Which is my favorite part of seasonal fashion. Gives me a chance to try something new everyday. One day I’m wearing something preppy and the next I’m wearing something with a 70’s vibe.

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Friday Favorites: My Playlist/Whats in my Bag

Hello World Wide Wed of Beautiful People!!!

 What is Friday favorites you ask? Basically, I just talk about two random things that keep me sane through the week, and the new stuff I just added to my everyday life.

Favorite Songs: Music is a huge part in my life. My grandmother was a choir director and my mother was the assistant director. So naturally I was drawn to music, singing, and wanting to know how to play every instrument. (Just to clarify, I don’t play every instrument; but that’s the goal) My music and the songs I listen to are based off on how well I can relate or if it’s just a generally nice raw song.

  1. Justin Bieber-  I’ll Show You
  2. Rachel Platten – Lone Ranger
  3. Alessia Cara – My Song
  4. Daya – Sit Still, Look Pretty
  5. Alex Goot – Sensitivity
  6. Christina Grimmie –With Love
  7. Clean Bandit – Rather Be
  8. Zendaya – Neverland

Favorite book bag essentials: I don’t usually carry around a purse as often as I used to. Mainly because I am a lot busier now.  for instance I am babysitting, to help get a new computer for my blog. Also on Mondays I have a one on one Japanese lesson with my dad . Plus I’m going to start volunteering through red-cross at the library soon. So, carrying a purse just doesn’t do the job a book bag can. I typically use purses for when I’m going out to dinner or a party.img_6723-2

Anyway………… This bag is the love of my life. My partners in crime. We never go anywhere without each other.  I got this owl print book bag at an Italian market. Which is where I got most of my Italian wardrobe from. It actually looks small but it carries everything I need, from a Japanese handbook to my Ipsy makeup bag. Check it out here below.


 All of this stuff keeps me calm and organized. There is no way I can live the way I do and not have the essentials I need. (It would be impossible.)

This was the first of many Friday favorites. Comment below what you would like to see me post about next Friday. Thanks for reading and feel to Follow my blog with Bloglovin . Make sure to follow me on Twitter(@mimifry15) and on Instagram(@_almostmia).

International Joke 

Dear World Wide Web Of Beautiful People!!!

We’ve been in Japan for a little over two months. The first three weeks we were in a hotel room, which gave us time to relax. While rediscovering the reason we love being in Japan. The people here are generally nice and helpful. Transportation was convenient;since the taxi and bus stop is like a 24/7 option here. We broke our jet lag after two weeks. Basically we had a mini vacation.We even adopted a puppy for little while.Until we figured out; my brother is allergic. 


   In any case, after five months of preparation of a new house; it only feels right when it actually feels like home.( and yes I know that sounds cheesy)
As you may know our furniture came in a little over a week ago. When the Japanese movers arrived; I was definitely a little more than excited to have my Italian room back. Well at least until we figured out the little joke the Italian mover’s left us. Which pretty much killed my enthusiasm.

 So the Japanese movers were supposed to arrive at eight O’clock with two trucks. Instead they arrived an hour and a half earlier. Thankfully my mom caught on before we overslept. I can’t imagine digging through boxes in my PJs all day long. (personal dress code) 
Before our actual furniture came in, my brother and I had to move the loaner furniture into the dining room; the only empty room in the house. Which is somehow the least stressful part of my day.  

    Finally when the movers were given the thumbs up. They started to pop the crates open and all I could do was hide. It was freezing outside; of all days, today was when February decided to take in winter. The day before it was like 60 degrees outside.

So while I’m inside cleaning and avoiding frostbite as usual, dads outside with my two brothers checking inventory, making sure we had all 160 and some boxes.  
After the check, the movers started to shout out the number each box when they carried them into each room. This is where the joke comes into play. As my dad and I are checking inventory. We realized the Italian movers “purposely” missed labeled almost half of the shipment. Box #123 is a trampoline when IRL it’s a dresser, and we don’t own a trampoline. ( this is not made up) so yeah, we spent a good six hours with that joker card.  

That was just the beginning of the day. As soon as the movers left I immediately started to work on my room. By moving boxes out of the way and setting up my apple tv. I’d figured; I’ll just take my time I’ll just take my time.

The hardest part about moving in, is patients. The anxiety of getting the house together is a bit overwhelming. At first the whole house was just in a big mess, and it was mentally draining. Since I homeschool I have to try to balance school and housework to make sure I don’t fall behind. Fortunately everyone has been playing their part in moving in. Now we feel more settled and ready to join the community. 

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