International Joke 

Dear World Wide Web Of Beautiful People!!!

We’ve been in Japan for a little over two months. The first three weeks we were in a hotel room, which gave us time to relax. While rediscovering the reason we love being in Japan. The people here are generally nice and helpful. Transportation was convenient;since the taxi and bus stop is like a 24/7 option here. We broke our jet lag after two weeks. Basically we had a mini vacation.We even adopted a puppy for little while.Until we figured out; my brother is allergic. 


   In any case, after five months of preparation of a new house; it only feels right when it actually feels like home.( and yes I know that sounds cheesy)
As you may know our furniture came in a little over a week ago. When the Japanese movers arrived; I was definitely a little more than excited to have my Italian room back. Well at least until we figured out the little joke the Italian mover’s left us. Which pretty much killed my enthusiasm.

 So the Japanese movers were supposed to arrive at eight O’clock with two trucks. Instead they arrived an hour and a half earlier. Thankfully my mom caught on before we overslept. I can’t imagine digging through boxes in my PJs all day long. (personal dress code) 
Before our actual furniture came in, my brother and I had to move the loaner furniture into the dining room; the only empty room in the house. Which is somehow the least stressful part of my day.  

    Finally when the movers were given the thumbs up. They started to pop the crates open and all I could do was hide. It was freezing outside; of all days, today was when February decided to take in winter. The day before it was like 60 degrees outside.

So while I’m inside cleaning and avoiding frostbite as usual, dads outside with my two brothers checking inventory, making sure we had all 160 and some boxes.  
After the check, the movers started to shout out the number each box when they carried them into each room. This is where the joke comes into play. As my dad and I are checking inventory. We realized the Italian movers “purposely” missed labeled almost half of the shipment. Box #123 is a trampoline when IRL it’s a dresser, and we don’t own a trampoline. ( this is not made up) so yeah, we spent a good six hours with that joker card.  

That was just the beginning of the day. As soon as the movers left I immediately started to work on my room. By moving boxes out of the way and setting up my apple tv. I’d figured; I’ll just take my time I’ll just take my time.

The hardest part about moving in, is patients. The anxiety of getting the house together is a bit overwhelming. At first the whole house was just in a big mess, and it was mentally draining. Since I homeschool I have to try to balance school and housework to make sure I don’t fall behind. Fortunately everyone has been playing their part in moving in. Now we feel more settled and ready to join the community. 

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